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Guangzhou LAN Yun Trading Co., Ltd.
Contact person:Jun Peng
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Guangzhou LAN Yun Trading Co., Ltd. was established on July 8, 2002, mainly engaged in and development of medical device products, including Germany's Siemens (Siemens), American Laibo Rui urine power LABORIE, United States Theosophical ventilator (event), Italy Yum (Esaote) and other famous brand medical equipment. Since its inception, the company all staff in the & ldquo; faithful Houde, hard work diligence & rdquo; corporate culture under the guidance of the spirit, to & ldquo; user reputation the highest medical equipment suppliers & rdquo; as the goal wholeheartedly service of medical workers to become industry of honesty model. The company office address in Metro Guangzhou has good commercial atmosphere of the office building. Company employees with more than ten years focused on the professional spirit and professional technology of the medical profession is committed to the introduction of technology leader, reliable, reasonable price of medical equipment products, for the majority of medical workers bring new ideas and methods, and thoughtful service for medical staff. The company and the famous medical experts to cooperate on the existing medical technology to improve the relevant surgical equipment for innovative development, while reducing the cost of surgery, to solve the problem of the people's medical treatment, medical treatment of your problem. 2007-2013 years, the company won the Guangdong Province, "Shou contract re credit enterprise" title.

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